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Anybody taking Lexapro


I just started Lexapro for anxiety it has been about three days and so far I'm not too sure how I'm feeling. I know these medications take a few weeks to take effect. Can anybody share their experiences taking this medication? The best of luck to everybody!
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Re: Anybody taking Lexapro

  • I was on Lexapro & it took about 2 weeks to notice any difference and 6 weeks for the full effects to start.  Good luck, hang in there & ask your Dr for some Xanax to take until the Lexapro starts to work.  
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  • I started lexapro about a week after my daughter was born. I started feeling it "kick in" after about a week, and by two weeks I was feeling pretty normal again.

    I started taking lexapro again when I was about 5 weeks pregnant, and it did take longer to kick in this time (about a month) but I think that's because of all the hormones and changes going on in my body.

    I will say, lexapro always makes me feel worse before I feel better. Hang in there. Waiting is always the hardest.

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  • I was also on it for about 6 months. I noticed a difference after 2 weeks but like PP said it really takes a good month for it to start taking full affect. One side effect I suffered from was increase in appetite. I ended up gaining 20lbs in about 3 months which is a lot for me.

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