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For those with play yards (fenced kind, not PNPs)

We have the North States Superyard play yard set up for our 9 month old as a way to allow him to play freely and safely away from our dog (dog is sweet; just doesn't get DS doesn't want to "play" the way she does).  DS has recently started pulling to a stand - yay! - but that has now translated to trying to climb out of the play yard - boo!  As of now, he has not figured out how to put his feet into the little holes to really "climb" but he grabs on to the top and pulls as hard as he can (like he's trying to do a pull up).  Does this mean it's time to get rid of the play yard?  I worry that he will try to do the same thing with baby gates, but those are inevitable. We have to have those. We don't HAVE to have this play yard.

Anyone experience something similiar with their LO? If so, what did you do about it?

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Re: For those with play yards (fenced kind, not PNPs)

  • We have their wooden one that is just vertical rails.. he pulls up on them but there is no was he can climb out using the actual play yard and we are always around to make sure he doesn't try standing on a toy. We bought two of these and an extension kit so he has an 8x6 baby jail or smaller depending on the configuration we use.  Late we'll break it down and use them in several locations like fireplace and windows as we have low profile windows I want to keep him away from.  We got an awesome deal on the first one and went ahead and got the additional ones  because we loved it so much.

    Worth every penny, Amazon does great deals on these, if you add it to your shopping cart and then keep track as the prices fluctuate on a daily basis on a lot of amazon goods, you should be able to pick these up at a decent price.  Like these way more than the plastic ones.

    Would highly recommend this baby jail form North States. Yes

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  • We got the North States Superyard 3 in 1 metal gate with the extension.  It is a LIFE SAVER!! It is vertical like PP said, so no issues with DS climbing it (and he likes to climb).  We were able to use half of it to block him from the Christmas tree and the other half to block the entrance to the family room to keep our big dog and our little man separated.  Luckily, we can secure the gate without having to bracket it to the walls.  Or, if we want him to just stay in the baby jail, there is plenty of room for  him and his toys that he can stay there for a decent amount of time before getting antsy and needing to move around more.  When I read reviews, almost everyone said get the extension as well and we did and are very happy with it. 
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