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Nap issues

Who's having them?

I feel like since Griffin turned 2, napping has become a nightmare. This is a kid who used to go down pretty easily and sleep 2-3 hours most days. Suddenly, it's nearly impossible to get him down, IF (and that's a big IF) he goes down at all.

So, what's your nap routine? Does your kid put him or herself down or do you rock/sing to sleep? Generally, we've read him a book, and then I stand and hold him while I sing for 3-5 minutes, and then set him in the crib. He would be sleepy but not asleep. Now, I can't even get him relaxed after 3-5 minutes. And I can't hold his 33 lb a$$ much longer than that! lol. Also, when I lay him down, he absolutely FREAKS OUT crying. Then he's in there, talking, playing, sometimes whining for up to an hour. 50% of the time, he falls asleep by then, but lately he hasn't been. I know he's tired. I've read that this happens at this age.. but man this is tough! Anyone have any magic solutions? Commiseration?

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