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Hey everyone!

Sorry I haven't been around much, things have been crazy lately! On November 26 we had our first meeting with our adoption lawyer, on November 27th we had our first home study visit. Last Friday I got word that our home study was complete, and Thursday I got THE CALL! We have been matched with a baby boy who was born December 18th! He is absolutely gorgeous and weighed 8lbs 5oz at birth. In LA (when using an attorney) TPR can't be signed until 5 days past the birth. That day fell on Christmas eve, therefore we have to wait until the 26th for TPR to be signed. I have been going crazy over here and I am an emotional wreck! I am so worried that BM will change her mind. We are hoping and praying that this is our baby!! 

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PAIF/SAIF Welcome!

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Re: Matched!!

  • Congrats!!! Very happy for you. Will be praying everything goes smoothly.
  • Congrats! What an amazing time for your family!
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  • Wow, another amazing adoption story.  Fingers crossed it all works out and this is the most amazing Christmas you will ever have!
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  • Congratulations, that is wonderful news!!

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  • Awesome news!!!!!! Hope all goes smoothly. Keep us posted and share a photo, if you'd like.
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  • Bethany, I know you probably won't see this, but I am up early this AM thinking of you and praying for you!!! I hope that everything goes very smoothly this morning, and that little man comes home with you today.

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  • As the above poster said- I'm thinking good thoughts for you guys today!!!
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  • Congratulations!
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  • Amazing!  Hope everything went well for you today.

  • Congrats! I hope you can update us soon!

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