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Home Study Saturday- Freaking a bit

Our SW sent us an e-mail before Christmas introducing herself and said she'd be in touch with us after the holidays to set something up. Today she e-mailed around 2pm asking if Saturday works. AHHH!!!!

I mean of course we were anticipating her visit as we've handed in all our paperwork and fees but it's a whole different story when you think you have until after the Holidays and then suddenly it's in the middle. We took our tree down and put the living room back yesterday because I had to return to work today (now I'm super glad we did) but the rest of the house is upside down. My dad was visiting for 5 days so the guest room needs to be aired and wash. 

I know it's not a 'how clean is your house' inspection but it still freaks me out!

Any calming advice?

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Re: Home Study Saturday- Freaking a bit

  • We had our first home visit the day after Christmas. We had been a way the four days preceding and got home late on Christmas. The house was a mess and of course we had loads of gifts, luggage etc. Our tree was up (and totally dead!)

    Long story short - it was completely fine, I put the unwrapped gifts under the dead Christmas tree, emptied the suitcase into the laundry hamper and answered the door when she knocked. They are people too - I think our house looked like most people's do the day after Christmas!

    It was really very painless. We had to finish up some questions from our earlier interview, but the actual house tour was quick. I think my DH was more nervous then he let on... I went to answer the door and when the SW and I returned to the kitchen, he was sweeping the floor. I didn't even think  he knew where the broom was. It caught me off guard and I laughed when I saw him ? awkward moment so I just truthfully said to the SW ? ?I have never seen this before?. We all had a laugh. Like I said, they are people too. They have spouses, they have houses that get messy from time to time ? especially around busy times like holidays.

    Good Luck!!


  • No calming advice, just wanted to say congratulations and good luck!!

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  • Good luck! It's fine if your house isn't perfectly put together. Don't stress!

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  • They look at the house a lot less than you think. They tend to just glance around. It will be fine.
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  • It will be fine! They know it is right after the holidays.  They more have to make sure it isn't total and major safety issues.  Main things are smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, 2 exits, ample space for child, if you have a pool or body of water, must be fenced.



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  • We had our's last Thursday, and our house was a mess with Christmas.  We had several gifts out that needed to be finished or wrapped, as well as a tub of all our wrapping things.  Like the others said, they aren't checking every nook and cranny and certainly understand that your house is lived in.  It's a quick tour.  She didn't even go into our bathroom.  You'll be fine! 

  • Ours was just after Thanksgiving and we anxiously threw the Christmas decor up and got all the safety requirements done (outlet covers, fire extinguishers, gun safe, extra high lock on back door bc of pool plus lots of organizing and child proofing.). It was a pretty chill experience actually for us. They are not so concerned with clutter. but they want to make sure your place is safe and hygienic. Be yourself in the questions and don't change any stories about your past -that could come back to haunt you later. Be honest and open. I read that somewhere as I was pretty afraid to talk about being abused as a child. You will do great!

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  • The biggest advice I want to give is: they're not there to ding you and find reasons to fail you. They're there to make sure the house is a safe environment for a child. That's it. I joke that unless you live in a tent where you're cooking meth, you're good ;)

    But no matter what, you'll clean like you've never cleaned before. And then the SW will walk through the house, and you'll wonder why you dusted the baseboards behind the toilet...

  • I just wanted to agree with everyone else. We had ours a week or so ago and it was a lot less involved than I thought. She commented more on our decor than anything else. Take a deep breath, you guys will do great! :)
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  • I just wanted to ditto all of the PP's.  Take a deep breath.  You will be fine.  I would concentrate on trying to straighten things up but let your house look lived in.  I always thought that showed that we were open to kids messing things up!  Ha!  Let us know how things go for you!
  • Thining of you today! Be yourself and you'll be fine. It's natural to be nervous but try to remember that the SW is on your side. Good luck!
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  • image Ginger71:
    Thining of you today! Be yourself and you'll be fine. It's natural to be nervous but try to remember that the SW is on your side. Good luck!


    Thanks Ginger- I'm trying to calm my husband down. He spent all day yesterday cleaning- my house looks like a museum where everything is always perfect and never touched, not the look I was going for. 

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