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WWYD? "Me Time" in the New Year

One of my goals for the new year is to get in a little more "me time." I adore spending time with my family, but I realized that the only place I go without DH and DS is work and the only people I ever socialize with are my family. I'd like to maintain a little more of a life of my own this year, and DH (who has a hobby he does a couple times a month) is on board with that.

So I'm trying to decide what I should do to get out there more. Some options I've considered:

Dog Training Class: A dog training club in the area has once-a-week class that is an introduction to competitive obedience training. We've taken several different classes with Dixie in the past, which she's loved, but this would be the first activity where we might have an opportunity to compete if she gets good at it. Pros: This one would be great for Dixie, and I enjoy training her. Cons: I'd need to keep up with practicing during the week. Also, this club tends to be a bit of an older crowd and mostly childfree by choice or empty nesters, so it may not have as much potential to meet new friends who have a similar lifestyle.

Dancing or Cardio Class: There's a new belly dancing studio in my neighborhood that sounds fun. Or there's also a Zumba studio next to my office, and I'm sure there's some other classes around here too. Pros: Sounds like fun. Cons: Not really any practical purpose to going other than to have fun. Not sure if it's something I'd continue with long-term.

Running Club: I already run several times a week, but I could potentially join a club for a group run once or twice a week. Pros: Probably would be a good way to socialize, and I'd be working on something I already want to do. Also, the cheapest option. Cons: Wouldn't be anything "new" and since DH is trying to get back into running may end up being a "family" activity more than "me" time.

What say you, ladies? Which would be the best thing to sign up for in January?

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