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ear infection (sleep/how long to heal?) amoxicillin rash?

My son had fevers at the end of last week and we found he had an ear infection.  He was started on an antibiotic Saturday night but is still sleeping poorly.  He naps ok and goes down at night normally around 7, but has needed to be held off and on or almost the whole night starting at 10 or 11pm for days now.  Usually he would sleep through the night in his crib without waking up, or only needing his pacifier.  I know the pressure when they are lying down would be worse.  I tried giving him ibuprofen before bed.  Does this seem normal?  I don't want him to be hurting..but don't want to fall into a bad habit of holding him all night...

 also another question...I am waiting to hear from the pediatrician but have you heard about an amoxicilliin rash that is not an allergy?   we had to stop the antibiotic yesterday due to a rash and are supposed to have a new one today...

Re: ear infection (sleep/how long to heal?) amoxicillin rash?

  • The rash could be a yeast rash... to which a probiotic might help. also, if the infection is viral and not bacterial it won't matter what antibiotic he's on since they are only effective on bacterial. I ended up having my daughters ears tapped they literally extract the infection out and it was traumatic butworth it since she had immediate relief. Ear infections suck, I'm sorry :/
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  • What kind of rash? A diaper rash or somewhere else? It's normal to get a diaper rash while on antibiotics. Usually a yeast rash. Antibiotics can cause diarrhea which can cause an irritation rash too. 


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  • DD2 got a rash on her face, chest, arms, and hands after taking amoxicillin.  She also was on it for an ear infection and had a fever and the believe a virus.  They said that there's really no way to tell if it was just a rash from the virus (which is very common) or a rash that was a reaction to the medicine.  Our doctor said that for the time being they're going to give her (and her sister, since they're ID twins) a different antibiotic when necessary and we can maybe try amoxicillin again when they're a little older.
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  • I know of the rash in which you speak.  It wasn't fun to watch him break out and get bumpy (frankly, it looks awful), but it looks worse than it is.  My husband had a childhood allergy to penicillin, and we wonder if the LO had trouble becaue of that sensitivity. We are working on our second ear infection currently, and we are using Cefinir.

    The sleep trouble also sounds normal to me.  He is also working on molars at the moment, so sleep is a premium. I am using ibuprofen before bed, and it does help him get through the longer part of the night before he needs snuggles. 

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