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Postpartum Depression

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So I was diagnosed with PPD and PPA shortly after I had my LO... I was put on meds, but I had to get off of them about 3 months later because i lost my insurance... now... I dont have any problems with my LO... but i find it soooo hard to do anything during the day.. also.. I hate my husband, and I'm not sure if its a PPD thing.. or if we are really done and over.. 


LO is 6 months old now.. I feel fine... but just wondering if maybe I should try to get more help..  

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  • I'm sorry you lost your insurance.. I've been there quite a few times, and it sucks.

    Maybe time has helped you adjust to LO, but still not the new dynamics with YH? Maybe the two of you can get some couples therapy? I've heard of churches and organizations offering it for free, maybe search online for it near your area.

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  • If you need to get back on meds, I would look into the pharmacys around you. I know Walgreens has a prescription program. It's 20 dollars to join, but it makes my Zoloft 15 a month instead of 28, or I can get a 90 day supply for 30 dollars.
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