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Independent Standing!!!

I am so excited, even though I know it means a lot more work, but DD has stood independently for up to 15 seconds, several times today - unassisted, not holding on to anything. She has to pull up to stand, but then she can let go.

This is happening so fast!

I'm glad I am cooking another one, because I am going to miss my little rug bug crawling around with her happy feet and hands. 



Re: Independent Standing!!!

  • Yay! They are reaching so many milestones!
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  • Its crazy what they start doing all of a sudden. Two weeks ago, E sat up on her own and crawled in the same day. Then, last Friday, she pulled herself up on a toy, and it wasn't close enough to her liking, so she moved first her left then her right foot to get herself closer. Excuse me?? Who is she??? I think women who get pregnant before the first one is a year old are very brave!!! :)
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  • image Excited30:
    Congratulations on the standing unassisted.  That's such a big milestone.  I'm still waiting on the crawling :) Also HUGE congrats on the pregnancy.  Somehow I missed that announcement..must've had my head to the grind of the holidays at the time.  

     Thanks, Excited. :) We are thrilled although it is a little earlier than planned, we couldn't be happier. We had to kind of try to have DD1 but this one just was ready to happen. :) It must be the right time!?

    I have to admit, I miss putting her down and having her stay in vaguely the same spot. Every new mobility skills brings about another flurry of baby-proofing and trying to stay a step ahead. 


  • Yay! DS is trying to stand up independently. A couple times now he's been crawling around and just tries to stand right up, not holding on to anything. We are like, "Whoa baby boy, what are you doing?!" He's hardly even pulling to a stand and doesn't cruise, so this caught us off guard!
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