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Intro and ?

Hi ladies! Army wife and mother of two! Question for you...TTC 3 right now and thinking this might be our month squee! I would really like to be team green with this baby since we found out early with our other two an this is our last chance for the big surprise! The problem is that DH will be deployed and I don't know how to make it special for him? He won't be at the birth and pretty much guaranteed he will be too remote to Skype. Anyone with experience with this?
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  • While I don't have experience with it, I have a lot of experience working with the command while other families have gone through it.  My H is Navy and they don't have Skype on the ship.  When women have gone into labor they called an ombudsman, who called the command.  The sailor was then alerted and woken up if needed, and was able to call his wife or the mother of his child.  Most people had family members with them responsible for holding the phone and giving updates, as well as sending pictures over email.  It's not the same, but at least they have been able to be involved as much as possible.   

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  • 1) Are you planning on trying to make the labor special for him???  I think I missed something here.  We went from being on team great to making something special.

    2) Not to dash your dreams, but lets not put the cart before the horse.  I'd worry about actually getting pregnant first. 

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