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we have officially hit the no phase

N knows the word no..but never really said it back to us. Lately, if we even look at her she says..no..no mommy.

So how do you respond and how do we get out of it?
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Re: we have officially hit the no phase

  • We mostly just ignore it so she won't get a reaction unless she's really telling us no as an actual answer - like if we ask her a question that could be yes or no.  I'm assuming that it will just go away on its own just like most of the other things.  Fun though, isn't it!?

    C told me to get out of her room yesterday morning "Go, mama, go." ...while she happily played in her crib.  I was like "Ok, see ya!"  lol  

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  • We ignored it also, and it did stop for the most part. His favorite was 'no mama, it's not yours'. I wonder where he heard that one :/
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