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What are you getting your DH for Christmas?

Every year I rack my brain for ideas for DH.  It's really never a surprise to him what he gets, with the exception of last year.  I made him let me buy a coat he was looking at otherwise he was getting random crap.  Luckily he created an Amazon wish list for his mom so I pulled a few other items.  I just hate that each year I feel like he's buying me much more expensive items than I do him.  Clearly I'm also a last minute shopper :)

Re: What are you getting your DH for Christmas?

  • DH doesn't really want anything this year. I bought him a polo shirt and a sweater. Exciting stuff!

    If you or DH have an iPhone, I would highly recommend getting him the AppleTV you can wireless watch your videos and see the photos on your iPhone. It also streams Netflix and Hulu. We've gotten a lot of use out of ours.
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  • DH is big into gadgets and gizmos that are usually a bajillion dollars, making him very difficult to shop for....This year he is getting and ipod touch b/c his new company gave him a crappy cell phone and ALL I hear about is how much he misses his ipone apps, etc....Since he doesn't need the phone I thought this would be a great solution and end the b!tching about not having an iphone lol. This is the only year I have had a non random crap plan though. I like the apple tv idea, or a home depot gift card? DH is always wanting to go get random crap there. How about a night out to his favorite restaurant. I realize you also benefit from that but that could be an idea. I am very bad at husband gifting, can you tell? 
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  • We're not really exchanging gifts since he technically got me a newly remodeled bathroom :)

     But I did get him a new leatherman tool and the Dark Knight trilogy blu-ray set. 

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  • DH is into video games so I usually just get him a new one.  But this year, I pre-ordered an ouya for him.  It doesn't come out until May but its like a mini game console (size of a rubik cube) and the part that he will enjoy is that you can also design your own games for it and share them on its own little app store.  He loves video game programming so I'm hoping this will be right up his alley.  Other than that, I got him a new wallet, shirt, and I will probably go ahead and order him a new wedding band since he lost his (this sounds like a big gift but its not... he wears the cheapo tungsten/titanium rings on amazon- $20).   






  • I just got stocking stuffers because we don't really exchange gifts. But I got him a Christmas ornament of his favorite college team, and wine bottle stopperhe's started really getting into wine this year, a car adapter for his iPhone so he can listen to his music streamed through the radio hopefully its the right one, we haven't had much luck finding a good one. I will also probably get him a new passport case. He uses his current one as a wallet.nbsp;

    ETA: I think I'm going to DH a GC to Art of Shaving, so he can get a fancy schmancy shave with a straight edge razor.
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  • Still trying to figure it out.  You are not alone!

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  • ugh, i'm struggling!! 

    so far, golf shorts (on sale for 16.99!!), nike belt set, and beard trimmers.  super exciting.  i know. 

  • I painted a giant canvas with the stenciled letters for "You have my whole heart for my whole lift" on it.  It will go over our bed.  Saw it on pinterest.  I shrunk a sweater so I went to the gap and got him a new one plus a new fitted shirt.  He is buying me new Kate Spade sunglasses from Nordstrom and leopard print heels from Lands End.  Guess who shopped for me?  :)
  • We aren't doing anything big for each other, either, because we are getting a Golden Retriever for the family and we are heading to Disney next year.  He loves to bbq so I got him an assortment of bbq sauces and a new brush for his grill.  I guess the "big" thing I got him, which really isn't all that big, is dh has always loved the whiskey glasses that Don Draper uses in Mad Men.  I found some online and bought him a set of two along with a bottle of Jameson. 
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  • This is my lamest gift year yet but there just isn't anything he needs or wants that isn't crazy expensive and with our first baby on the way we are more focused on the little one.  So he is getting a couple new shirts, cologne, and a cover for his bible from me.  Not too exciting!  :-)  
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  • Thanks girls - you've all made me feel so much better - LOL!  I'm jetting from work a bit early to grab a few more items, only knows what I'll find or how long my patience will last at the mall 5 days before Christmas! 
  • imageMSquires100:
    Thanks girls - you've all made me feel so much better - LOL!  I'm jetting from work a bit early to grab a few more items, only knows what I'll find or how long my patience will last at the mall 5 days before Christmas! 

    I'm getting him a bottle of either rum or burbon and either glasses or something to go along with it.  Like maybe a bottle of coke, a lime, a flask and the rum. 

    Or the rocks that you freeze so the drink doesn't get diluted.

    Also, I got him a big wooden letter F.  Sort of as a joke (our lastname and fav cuss word starts with F), but also to put on my built-ins, so it's kind of a gift for me :)

    And a funny desk calendar for work.


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