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Nanny pay raise for #2?


I'm wondering what kind of pay raise people have given their nannies for a second baby?  I'm expecting my second baby in April and the two children will be two years apart.  They will both be home for a year, as my son won't start preschool until he's three. We pay our nanny a weekly salary (not hourly) and she is full time.  I was thinking $100 a week increase would be fair, but when I contacted the agency we went through they said $200 per week was standard.  That surprised me, so I want to do some reconnaissance.  


Re: Nanny pay raise for #2?

  • I used to be a nanny, so let me try and help:

    My pay was negotiated based on the hours I worked. So if you payed me 100/week, I was probably only working part time, a few hours per week. 

    So, if you plan on having a nanny full time (35+ hours) with two kids, $200 is alright but nowhere near decent pay. Especially with an infant and a toddler. You figure 8 hours/day, 5 days/week is 40 hours which means you're paying her $5/hour essentially to watch your two kids.

    Just something to keep in mind. I'm not one to tell other people how to spend their money, but at $5/hour for two kids don't expect her to keep that $200 salary for long before she asks for a raise.

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  • Oh I didn't mean 200 per week! I meant a 200 increase per week. I currently pay her 550 per week for one child, full time. I am trying to determine what kind of raise to give her for the second baby.
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  • Lol well then absolutely, that seems like a fair increase to me. Of course, it's something that should be discussed between you (and Husband if he's involved?) and nanny.

    Good luck!!

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  • We increased by $2/hr.... 
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  • As a former nanny.... this isn't an area you want to pinch pennies.  Will you ever employ someone to do something more important for you than to watch your children? Though having another child is MORE than double the work, as you will soon find out, time and half is an acceptable pay increase to her salary.
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