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Wednesday Community Thread

I posted on B&C's TTC Check-in? thread, but thought I'd repost as a new one too. "This may just be me, but I like the idea of them all: a pregnancy check-in (Mondays?), a TTC check-in, and resuming the Wednesday ATP/PCP/TTC/whatever-we-want-it-to-be thread. I think the Wed thread helps make the board cohesive and the others could fill the gaps about specific stuff that may be easier to avoid if you're not in those camps. One thing that helped with the QOTD issues is to have a thread to generate ideas and then borrow from that for future weeks...."

So for today,

  1. QOTD is, do you like this idea?
  2. Let's generate a bunch of QOTDs -- each person post a question for future weeks
  3. your update for this week?

Ready, Go!

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Re: Wednesday Community Thread

  • QOTD: Of course, it's my idea!

    Here's my future-question (no need to answer this now, it's just the first for future weeks): What was your favorite holiday as a kid? How do you/are you going to celebrate it with your kids?

    Update: 6w1d. Trying to stay relaxed until our 8/9 week appoint 1/7. Going to acupuncture today despite snow on the roads.


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  • QOTD:  Sounds good to me, and, would we keep "how was your weekend" and "TTT"?  I think we should - in the spirit of something all can join.

    Future question:  With busy lives, how to you squeeze in learning opportunities for your kids?  (meaning working on words, motor skills, etc.) For those without kids, how do you squeeze in couple time?  Of course those with kids and partners - feel free to answer both.

    We are really enjoying E.  We are afraid we are headed toward tubes for his ears.  We are working on his words.  We miss him terribly during the day. We've altered our work schedule to get one more hour with him before bed.

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  • 1. Yes, love this idea.  As MadisonPeas asked, would we still do the other catch-all threads?  I'd like to.

    2. Future Q: What was your process like in getting to the point where you decided to start TTC (or where are you in getting there)?  Long road/short road/always planned on it/etc?  Was there any particular sticking point for you or you and your partner?

    3.  Cletus is swimming along.  I've had this cold for almost a full month now, and it's REALLY frustrating.  I'm starting to slip later and later on my arrival time at work since I'm not sleeping, and I know it's ticking off my boss.  I really hope that it'll be over soon, but I'm not seeing any signs of progress. 

    Oh, and I passed my 3-hour glucose test (whew!) and got a sweet note from my MW saying "Congrats, and bring on the Christmas cookies!"  LOVE him.


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  • Whatever we do sounds good to me. :)

    I am too emotionally overloaded to think of a QOTD. I keep reading about these kids and all I can see are my own 6y olds. I work in a pediatric hospital. I often work in the ER with horrible traumas. I have been present at countless deaths of children over the years. I am not typically an emotional wreck. This has me in a tailspin.

    Other than the above - things are good. LOL. The kids are ecstatic for Christmas and are completely immersed in the magic of it all. It is a wonderful diversion and I love it. :)

    ETA: We did achieve a milestone this week. The kids are officially no longer in 5 pt harnessed seats. I had to take them out and put in highbacked boosters when my ILs were here a few weeks ago. I had planned on putting their Marathons back in, but they did great with the boosters and look so much more comfortable - Carter was really pushing it in the marathon and they were about to expire (within 3 months.) It does make me a bit nervous, but we made it to 6.5y in a 5pt harness, so I call that a win.

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  • 1.  I love the cohesive posts that bring us all together but I think the other posts pregnancy check in, ttc check in etc give us a specific place to talk about these things.  I also think it will allow people to participate in what they would like as always.  I would love to see all these posts continue.  I don't even care what day of the week we do things.  This community has been invaluable in our Journey and for that I want to see everyone have a safe and comfortable place to discuss things.

    2.  I think my mind is running to wild today to think about this one.  Sorry, maybe I can come back later for this one.

    3.  I am trucking along.  Being home all the time now is really starting to get to me.  I feel as though I have good days and bad ones.  I know I drive M crazy because as soon as she text to say she is on her way home, I immediately call her and bug her for her drive home.  I am finding excuses to site in the garage just so I can wave at people as they walk their dog.   The boys are doing really well.  Sam is very content up in my ribcage and lungs while Jake loves to tap dance on my cervix (sorry TMI).

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