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Postpartum Depression

Did you still have "episodes" after taking medicine?

I've been on 50mg of Zoloft for about 3 weeks.  Initially I felt so much better within just a few days.  No crying episodes and I had a lot more patience.  Well, this past week, I could feel my symptoms coming back...very irritable, short on patience, and I had started crying for absolutely no reason last night.  Now it was nowhere near what it was like before, but I am afraid its coming back and I might need a higher dose.  Did this happen to anyone else?  Also, I might add, I've had what I think is  my first period this week, so that could certainly be the cause as well.  Do I stick it out a couple more weeks or call the doctor? TIA
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Re: Did you still have "episodes" after taking medicine?

  • I'm not sure how fast Zoloft takes to fully kick in, but I take Prozac and it took a good 8 weeks until I had FULL relief. I felt better within a week of starting it, but things went back and forth until about 8 weeks. I would give it some more time to level out. I hope you feel better soon!

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  • I have been on 60mg of Prozac for 9 months. i still have some bad days. let your doctor know so they can keep regulating the medicines & they probably will want you to stick with it, it does take awhile. Remember doctors don't now what is going on unless you tell them!

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  • you might need to go up.  Call them and talk to them 50 mg of Zoloft is a pretty low dose so you probably have room to go up.  I am on 100 mg and I was told I can go up to 200 mg if I need to.

     I also have xanax when I am having a tough time.

    I especially have a difficult time around my period which is very common.  some dr.'s will have you go up on the medicine around your period (that is how many work with Zoloft)  so there are many options for you probably.  

    Once my Zoloft started working I had about 3-5 days where I actually got worse around the one month mark.  I was shaky, etc. I called the dr. and he told me that it is common when it starts working and I had to take xanax to get through it.  Then I felt a million times better.  So maybe you are going through the transition too.

     so I would call the Dr.  and talk to them :) 

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  • Thank you!!  I made an appt. for next week , so we will see what they say!
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