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Started Fluoxitine again..bad reaction. Anyone else?

Hi, I posted a while back but have been feeling better and keeping busy so have been posted much here. Anyhow, I started to feel stressed and anxious about the upcoming holidays so I began my lower dose of fluoxitine (generic for prozac) almost two weeks ago. 

  I woke up one day with a numbing pain in my upper left arm. It was pretty uncomfortable and I started feeling nervous. I talked to my SIL, a doctor, who said it was probably a pinched nerve. A few days later I got the same mild numbing pain in my left leg. Of course I thought I was having a stroke. I went to the doctor who said it wasn't a stroke, tested my strength in my arms and my reflexes. She said I could have more testing done, but at this point she doesn't see the need for it. Why can't I believe her. I keep thinking it's bad, like fibermyalgia or worse, like MS.I ache all over now, but mostly still my left arm. I also feel dizzy, a loss of appetite and tired.

   I had a bad reaction to a higher dose of fluoxitine before. I had sever anxiety, had a panic attack, felt like I'd run a marathon days later. Anyone have a similar experience in their body after starting meds? I know my thoughts are making this worse. I just wanted to hear that what I am feeling is a reaction to the meds and it will go away so I can stop worrying. TIA, Jess

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Re: Started Fluoxitine again..bad reaction. Anyone else?

  • I have just started back on Zoloft after being off for a year.  I am having a really hard time with severe anxiety.  My doctor prescribed klonopin to help until I get adjusted but then that freaks me out because it can increase anxiety if you stay on it for too long and then try to come off.  So I am now tapering that off and my anxiety is back again.  It is common for your anxiety to increase when starting an antidepressant.  It is a side effect that will go away.  It can happen again after a dose increase, which is what I'm going through now.  It can take a week or two for things to settle down.  The loss of appetite is common too.  Not sure about your arm pain, but I do hope that gets better for you.  FWIW, I worry constantly about random stuff since I started back on Zoloft too.  

    Not sure if any of this made sense because I haven't slept in two days :)

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  • Thanks so much for replying. I feel better today. I had a good talk with my SIL who is a doctor. I know these side effects most likely are from the medication, they are lessening until I think about them and then they become worse. The paranoid thoughts are really upsetting, and I feel more tense and sore when that happens. It truly a horrible cycle. I just want to feel myself again.
    Mom to Emma, Noah, Isaac, Asa, Asher, Jonah and expecting baby Alice 7/16


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  • Yeah, when I think about them they get worse too!  I think we need to just give it a little more time for our bodies to adjust to the meds.  I get paranoid too.  Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more about stuff, I think it helps to discuss with someone who is going through the same thing.
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