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I'm going to need an OB.

We've only been in the area here just over a year. I don't know any new moms to ask about OBs in my area. I've been on the Kaiser website to "see" the list of OBs, but that tells me nothing of their personality, bedside mannerism or how warm/cold they are as a care provider. I am hoping someone on here has a bit more insite for me. Personal experiences, experiences of friends. Thanks!

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Re: Clackamas Sunnyside/Kaiser Moms

  • I saw Dr. Rupert at sunny side (just gave birth in October) and loved her! Dr. lambert is another one I saw a couple times when I needed a last minute appointment and she was great too. I had a wonderful experience with kaiser! 
  • I am seeing Ingrid Lorensen, NP for my prenatal care and I like her very much.  She's at the Interstate office.  
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  • Sorry I didn't see anyone there but did deliver there and had a great experience at Sunnyside.  This time I will deliver there or at e new Hillsboro hospital if it is open by then!
  • Well I live in vancouver and see patricia Collins and she is wonderful. I've never had a bad experience with kaiser.
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