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I need a good ob on soonercare

Hi everyone. I'm 6 wks and looking for a great ob who accepts soonercare. Can anyone recommend someone? Thank you!





Re: I need a good ob on soonercare

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  • Oh, can't help you then. My dr is in tulsa
  • Dr. Goff and Dr. Shanbour at Mercy are both fantastic.
  • Dr.Cherry in Moore, OK..He's Awesome...or I had a Friend who went to Lakeside Women's Center on Hefner and She Said She Loved it! I just live way to far to make the drive, Moore is a 25min drive for me as it is!
  • Dr. Allison Carter at Women's Healthcare of Norman. 
  • I really like the midwives at OU. I've worked with some of the ob's there (I'm a doula) and have found the midwives to be superb.
  • I second dr Lorenz. Absolutely incredible with my first, I'm pregnant again and moving to china 2 weeks after due date. So glad he will just barely get to deliver again.
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