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GBS+ and Excess Fluid...Impact to VBAC Chances??

I just found out I tested + for GBS and based on large fundal height which resulted in growth ultrasound, found out baby measuring within normal range but fluid levels high which is likely causing the fundal height to be way ahead. Has anyone had experience with either of these and should I be concerned they will somehow impact my chances for a successful VBAC? 

My thought is the GBS+ might because I know cannot labor at home at all if water breaks - they told me straight to hospital for antibiotics. This bums me out because I know the longer I am there...the likelihood for the RCS increases.

I am trying to stay positive!!! My Ob and the Hospital in general are very pro VBAC so I know they will do what they can to keep this a goal for everyone, but I can't help start to second guess myself.... 

Re: GBS+ and Excess Fluid...Impact to VBAC Chances??

  • I'm sorry, I don't know much about excess fluid and VBAC.  I think a good move is to ask a lot of questions.  So if they recommend doing any medical interventions ask about the pros and cons, what alternatives there are, and whether doing nothing is an option.  If they recommend a cesarean, ask if they are recommending it because you have a prior cesarean or if they would make the same recommendation for a mom with an unscarred uterus/FTM.  That way you can make an informed decision and hopefully feel confident that it was the right move.

    HTH and GL! 


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