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Wtf DH, vent

I rarely post, but I need to vent and it's 6am so you guys are my best outlet.

DH is great most of the time. Tonight I want to kick him. He pushed hard to crib transition DD. I'm not really ready, but I agreed. I won't CIO so we've gone from sttn to getting up 2 or 3x/night which is extra tiring bc I ep so I'm already up 2x/night for that. DH doesn't do any night wakings bc he works and I sah for now.
Tonight he got up with her. I followed him in to see if he wanted me to take her or bring him a bottle while I pumped. He was half asleep with her in her chair w the footrest up. She on the other hand was wide awake and squirming. I took her, changed her, got a bottle ready and came back to him sleeping in her chair. I ask him to move and he wants to feed her. He feeds her w his feet up, doesn't rock her and then brings her to our bed wide awake bc "she'll just fall asleep with you" in our bed. Um. No. She won't. Not when she hasn't been rocked at all and she's ready to play. So after 10 minutes of her pulling my hair, chatting and pinching me, she starts to fuss and I get up with heras he snores away. I now have a playful awake baby, still have to pump after I get her back to sleep and now I feel stabby. Ugh! I am so frustrated with him! It's not help if you only do it halfway in the laziest possible manner!! Thanks for listeningbless you if you made to the end of my long winded rant!

Re: Wtf DH, vent

  • My Dh does the exact same thing to me! It isn't helpful if you make more work for me. So, I've started telling him to sleep and I'll take care of the night. The deal is, I do the nights and he gets up on the weekends with her at her wake up time. It works because I get her back to sleep as fast as possible and then get to sleep in on the weekends. Its a winwin.
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  • sort of similar issue ....DH used to bring our son to bed with us every time it was his night to feed him.  "because he likes sleeping next to him and having him in bed to snuggle"  cute ....until Im up all night long with him kicking me, grabbing my hair, jibber jabbering etc....I would love to have him next to me but I would also love to not feel like a complete moron at work the next day cuz of lack of sleep.  DH would sleep through all of that....I wake every time he moves.....PLUS he sleeps better when he is in his own bed too!  So I put an end to that crap! :)  Men.....

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  • I would have told him to get up! that would make me so angry. 
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