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Northside Atlanta Billing Question...

I had a baby 10 weeks ago at Northside Atlanta.  About a week after delivery, they sent me the bill with the amounts that they were going to submit to insurance. There was one for me and one for the baby.  The one for me has long since been billed and processed.  My insurance company has still not received the one for the baby's stay/nursery care, etc. 

 Is this strange?  Do I need to follow up on this or should I just continue to wait.  I would just like to have all of the delivery bills taken care of!  10 weeks seems like a long time.

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Re: Northside Atlanta Billing Question...

  • If I remember correctly it did take a bit longer for the hospital to bill insurance for the baby than for me, why I don't know.  But I also was a total dope and totally forgot to add new baby to our insurance within the 30 day windown which posed a million and 1 issues in itself.  However, I don't think it was as long as 10 weeks.  You may want to follow up with Northside just to be safe to make sure it has been filed in a timely manner. 

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  • thank you! I appreciate the response.
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  • My insurance has the baby under me while in the hospital so everything showed up together in one lump amount as the hospital bill. If the baby would have gone to the NICU he would have had to go under his own insurance but none of mine did. 

     We did use the on call pedi since we were at northside but use Piedmont Peds for the boys. They billed completely separate but that wasn't through the hospital.  

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