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Any moms have pre-e in 1st pregnancy?

This is sort of VBAC related, I guess. I figured my chances of getting an answer were good here. If you had pre-e in your first pregnancy, are you considered "high-risk" for this one?

Thanks. :) 

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Re: Any moms have pre-e in 1st pregnancy?

  • Yes, and yes... I am 25 weeks and my BP has already been up most of this pregnancy because my baby was only five months old when we found out we were expecting again! My midwife and OB both assure me it IS possible to have a VBAC, but I know they are too polite to tell me it's unlikely... still, that's my goal! (Heck, my goal is to make it to at least 34 weeks this time....)
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  • Preeclampsia and high blood pressure is what landed me with an induction then c/s.

     I haven't been told I am "high-risk" by any means but I am under closer watch they said.  My BP is a semi concern since, even now, it goes wonky and sky rockets sometimes. This is something I still need to discuss in details with my OB though. If things get really bad with my BP and preeclampsia then it will be automatic c/s I was told though.

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  • imageRumbleLina:

    Preeclampsia and high blood pressure is what landed me with an induction then c/s.

    This was me, too. :( Then I had a uterine rupture with the incision. (When the doc made the cut my uterus ripped open even further.) So, I'm not really a candidate for VBAC I guess. :(  Some of my crunchier friends have tried to convince me to try for it, but I don't think any providers would go for that in this town.
    DD#1 - 12/09  
    DD#2 - 7/13  
    Baby #3 due 1/19, m/c 6/18  
    DD#3 due 12/19!
  • I had it with my son and had an emergency c/s due to it. Most doctors would consider me high risk I think, I know the hospital based midwife I did see who would not let me VBAC (due to my special scar) said I was high risk. But my OBI now go to does not. He says we will keep a special eye out but he tends to be very laid back. I know my signs of pre e and he checks my blood pressure and such anyways so he does not like to label me. So far my blood pressure is perfect and no signs!! 
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  • I developed it at 34 weeks and delivered at 36 via c-section.  I just went to my first appt for this pregnancy, and she didn't mention me being high risk.  She did say that she would go with another c-section, that a vaginal birth may tare my uterus.  She is having me do a 24 hour urine collection to get a base line on how my kidneys are functioning now.  If my blood pressure rises later they can compare it with the early study.
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  • I had it with my daughter and am not considered high risk this time.  It is up to me to eat right and take care of myself this time so I don't end up with another c-section!
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