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New mom and need help: Day Care and Pediatrician Dilemma

So I live on the outskirts of Raleigh between Louisburg and Henderson, closer to Louisburg even though I have a Henderson address.  I work in Raleigh close to the PNC arena.  I have no idea where I want to find a day care center or pediatrician.  Why do you guys think I should do?  This is my first child and so many decisions to make and I'm really overwhelmed.  I wanted both near the job but what if I decided to take a day off from work yet still want to drop the baby off at day care?  Or what if we are home and there is an emergency?  I don't ever want to have to drive all the way to Raleigh which is like an hour drive.  I'm just not which decision I want to make.  DH says get a pediatrician near the house and he would take that day off from work just to go to that appointment.  I think I may want to do the pediatrician near the house just in case of emergencies and ERs are almost everywhere just is case the baby is at daycare and there is an emergency.  What you do you ladies think?

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  • The first 3-4 weeks of the babies life if you are on maternity leave you'll be at the doctors weekly if not 2x or more a week. They get a well check right when you get home from the hospital, and that first month you are there quite a bit. There is no way I would have a pediatrician an hour or more from my house. If they are jaundice, or having trouble nursing, etc, you could be there every day. Mine is 5 minutes away and I love that.

    I'm no help on daycare, but my gut would say find one closer to your house since you don't want to be driving 2+ hours a day with a baby in the car, esp if they hate the car seat, it could be a scream fest. 




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  • I know exactly what you are going through.  I work in Durham, live on the other side of Burlington.  Our pediatrician is less than 15 mins from the house and our day care is almost exactly half way, in Graham - about 25 mins from the house, 20 mins from work.  I chose to have him half way just in case there's traffic or something happens at work that I'm running late I'm not freaking out that I'm 35-45 minutes from the daycare.  Plus the time in the car is still time you get to spend with your little one.  I've been back at work for almost 2 months now and it's worked out great thus far.


    Plus daycare in Durham was ridiculously expensive, even with the discount through work. So I avoided close really close to work.

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  • Have you looked into Childcare Network?  I work there and although not in the Raleigh-Durham area, we do have 5 schools in that area.  Our Curriculum is Awesome!  You can call our Corporate office at 866-521-KIDS and they will give you all the info you need.
  • We have decided to do a pediatrian near the house maybe 20 minutes away and a daycare center near the job.  We haven't made any final decisions yet as to which daycares or pediatrians to use but this is the route we may go down.  We are still unsure about a lot.
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