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Hailey Grace's (late) Birth Story

This, I'm sorry to admit, is 23 months late! I just never got around to writing it and now that I am almost 9 months pregnant with #2 I figured it was a good time!

On Thursday, Nov. 18th I had a doctor appt. I was 39 weeks and a few days. I hadn't had any contractions, or changes in my cervix. My OB was convinced I would be going way over and asked if I'd like to induce on my due date. After a little discussing with DH, we decided to make the appt. It was scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 23rd. I was so excited and nervous! That night I went to bed early because I decided if this was the last few days I'd ever be completely child-free then I was going to sleep.

 The next morning I woke up at exactly 8 AM. I remember looking at the clock and feeling panicked for a moment, I wasn't quite awake but I felt like I had been woken up by something. Then I started to feel a trickle of liquid, jumped out of bed because I honestly thought I was peeing on myself and my water broke, very dramatically ALL OVER THE FLOOR! I literally clenched my legs together and instictively tried to hold it in. That's when it really hit me that my water had broken. I ran to call DH because he had already left for work. I took a shower while I was waiting for him to get back home. I still hadn't had any contractions.

 The hospital was less than 5 minutes away, we arrived close to 9. I had to ride with a towel between my legs because I kept leaking water. We were admitted right away and I was hooked up to monitors and checked. I was only dialated 1 cm. The doc on call decided to put me on pitocin right away since this was my first and my water had broken with no other progress, he didn't want to wait around and risk me having a c-section. I was a bit naive, it being my first time, but if I had to go back I would have liked to attempt to labor as my body wanted to. Contractions started quickly and painfully.

I didn't tolerate the pain very well and freaked out on anyone who touched me or talked to me! I was a bit of a laborzilla! Which I'd say is very understandable. I wasn't able to get the epi until around 2 PM because it took forever for me to get to a 4. That was the greatest relief I'd ever felt. The epi wasn't bad at all. I had been terrified for months, because I knew I had a low pain tolerance and that I would want one and the thought of a needle in the spine just freaked me out. But when the time came I was more excited than scared because I was in so much pain. I held onto DH's shoulders and it was over so quickly.

I relaxed for the next few hours. Finally around 7:30 I started to feel some pressure. The nurse checked me and said I was ready to push! I got so nervous. She did a few practice pushes and then told me to stop and ran to get the doctor. Seems as though I was doing too well at pushing and she was on her way out! The doctor was in the room putting on gloves at 8:00, and Hailey was born at 8:07! He was shocked and said he was expecting at least an hour of pushing. She was immediately placed on my chest.

Now, I had heard so many different thing about that first few moments. Some people cry, some people are emotional, some don't feel anything at first. I never expected it to feel like it did. She didn't cry, she just opened her eyes and looked right into mine. I remember repeating "that's my baby" over and over again but I never cried. The nurse kept rubbing her back and saying "we want her to cry" and telling me to rub her back but I was just so amazed. For a moment, I don't remember anything else around me, we just stared at each other. Then she began to cry and I looked up at DH, who had tears in his eyes and he said "She's beautiful." It was such a surreal moment, almost like something from a movie. We've been attached at the hip ever since. We have such an amazing connection that I never thought was humanly possible.

She's now an amazing toddler who is so loving and smart. She amazes me more and more everyday. I know she'll be a great big sister and I'm so excited and nervous about adding this little boy to our family! I'll surely be posting his birth story as well, hopefully before he's almost 2 (:


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