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My birthstory---

This is long--- but I hope it helps someone realize c-sections aren't so bad!  

So...I had a regular OB appt on Tuesday. Very swollen feet and general discomfort with slight elevation in BP. No contractions, no protein in urine. Sent on my way with scheduled c-section date of 11/16. NST/biophysical appt and consult with high risk OB on Wed. At that appt, my BP was high (148/95), apparently had protein in urine as well. Baby looked great on NST and biophysical. Still sent to L&D to be monitored for preeclampsia. Got there, hooked up....protein in urine. Sent home with modified bed rest and 24 hour urine catch. Directions to return on Friday AM at 9:00am. Told to bring bag "just in case." 

Followed drs orders, but did ask for reprieve on bed rest to go to school for a coup,e of hours to clear off desk and organize for my leave replacement. Felt much better and was able to relax a bit after that. Came home, packed hospital bag, snuggled with my DH wondering what Friday would bring. Of course we were anxious bc I was only 35 weeks 5 days. Part of us wanted to meet little one and part wanted to hold off for at least 37 weeks. 

 Got to hospital Friday am. Hooked up to monitors. Dr came in and drew bloods. Collected 24 hr urine. Then looked at my tracings. What I thought was cramping from being anxious..... Contractions every 5 minutes. Upon exam (which BTW NOTHING you read prepares you for!) I was 2cm dilated. Drs thought it was bc I was NPO from midnight...wanted to start IV to see if they stopped. Came back...good news...protein in 24 hr urine only 300--- within range. Just waiting on blood work. An hour later---at noon...blood work back---Uric acid, platelets, kidney function, and liver function numbers WAY off....preeclampsia diagnosis. Dr says, you will have a baby within an hour. DH and I were shocked. So fast! Called our moms to let them know and things started to move.

Anesthesiologist came in. Lots of talking regarding my cardiac pre existing condition. My Heart specialist came in joined the discussion. IV lines (2) started. One just in case heart caused complications. They couldn't find veins---lots of poking...even by anesthesiologist--- joke was the spinal would hurt less than IV. Hubby given instructions regarding surgical garb he had to wear. Off I was whisked to OR. Spinal given--- not nearly as bad as I anticipated although I was trembling! I was numb within 15 minutes. Set up on OR table. When they set up screen and put oxygen mask on me, got a little freaked out. Suddenly felt like I couldn't breathe. Anesthesiologist took off o2 mask and pulled screen away from my face. DH brought in...I was crying. I calmed down once he was there. They tested my belly to be sure I was numb. Surgery started at 1:30. Nine minutes later, my baby arrived. I felt a lot of pressing, pushing, and pulling. Suddenly I felt relief of pressure and heard the baby cry. Doctor says and baby has arrived....we all waited for next part...we were team green and he forgot! So nurse said, tell them what it is...he says, you have a son! And as if on cue, my baby boy let out a wail. Music to my ears. They brought him to my left so I could see him and then moved a little further over to start assessing him. I heard my nurse call NICU doc for evaluation. Kept asking my husband-- is he okay? Nurse told me his apgar was an 8/9 but he had a little grunt to his breathing. They wanted to bring him to NICU to assess. They did let us take some pictures with him, let DH hold him, and let me snuggle him against my cheek for about 5 minutes. Then they took him away. Doctors were chatting with me while they were stitching me up...trying to calm me down bc I was sad about NICU. Asking me name of baby, if grandmas would be happy, etc. They took me to recovery. DH was there waiting for me. We made some calls to share our news. About an hour and a half later, I could move my legs a little again. We were moved to my room. On the way they took me to NICU so I could see the baby. I was completely caught off guard. All the tubes, wires, overwhelming. Spent the rest of night in bed. I wasn't allowed up till 10 AM next day on orders of my OB nd heart specialist. 

C-section pain not terrible. Took percocet that first night twice. The nurses were great. They do come in often to check you---like every hour or so to see how much bleeding, etc. p,us, i had frequent blood draws bc of preeclampsia. It was nice to not have underwear and just the chuck pads and towels. Made me more comfortable actually. Next morning, nurse came in...more Percocet before I got up to get cleaned up. Catheter was removed at 10 am, got washed and helped to change. The mesh underwear are no joke! Amazing. Glad I used those instead of my own. Stayed in the hospital gown though. Wheelchair ride to NICU to visit my son. Got to just reach through isolette to touch him. He is attached to CPAp machine, getting little bit of oxygen as well. Attached to respiration monitor and cardiac monitor. His respirations are periodically spiking high. They say that working that hard is the issue. Makes feeding an issue. So he has IV of sugar water for now.  

I used Motrin for rest of that day. Made sure I walked a lot throughout the day. Hard to entertain visitors and celebrate when we couldn't have baby in room with us. Only people allowed in NICU were grandmas and us. Took Percocet to help me sleep through last night. Then used Motrin all day today. Totally do-able.I will say, one thing I learned--- your bladder will not indicate urge to go---if you don't go on a regular schedule, you all of a sudden have pain. It's pressure from your bladder shifting uterus, etc. causes pain and more bleeding. So, now I try to go once an hour. Keeps pain at bay. 

I am quite gassy.... Wish I could just go already! The nurses offered a suppository which I said no to! I am hoping things will get moving by tomorrow. My BP and swelling are still up. Dr will likely keep me in hospital until Tuesday, possibly Wednesday. Im good with that as we are bracing here on Long Island for this hurricane. My DH went home tonight to finish getting house ready for storm, but he will come back in morning and is prepared to rude out storm overnight here with me. 

 My son is about the same today. Hoping tomorrow maybe CPap can come off and I can finally hold him. I cant believe he is 2 days old and I have yet been able to truly hold him. We are still hoping he can come home with us on Wednesday. 

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