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Teagan Rae's birth story :)

I will start by saying that I had a very long and painful weekend leading up to my daughters birth. Thursday 8/16 I was having more braxton hicks contractions than I would normally have in a day, which I thought was kind of wierd,  but didnt think anything of it. By friday morning they were about every 5 minutes, but not painful yet, so I called and we decided to go in. I was 2 cm, they had me walk around and didnt dilate anymore within an hour so they sent me home. Shortly after we left they started to be somewhat painful. By the next day they were more painful where I had to hold my breath, and we were actually out of town with my parents (only an hour away) but by 9:30 pm I wanted to go back in as they were pretty painful - and might I add by this point I had not slept since wednesday night, or eaten since friday- we got there and I was 3cm now and 100% effaced, so I thought I would have been admitted, but nope, no progress in only one hour so I was sent home again. I couldnt believe it as these contractions were painful. I would get in the bath about every 1-2 hours since that seemed to be the only thing to help. I ended up having a dr app that coming monday so I tried to tough it out until then.

So monday comes, more painful and I couldnt eat anything. Get to my app and I had lost 5 pounds during the weekend from not being able to eat. I was absolutely miserable. I was now at 4 cm. Dr scheduled an induction for the next day (which was my due date). I couldnt wait. Later that night DH's parents came over, we live on a lake and him and his dad went fishing while his mom stayed with me and watched tv. About 7:30pm, sitting ont he couch it felt like a bubble popped with fluid down there, I got up went to the bathroom and it was wet. Went back out to tell MIL pretty sure my water broke. She called DH and he was there in literally 3 min (fastest ive seen him get anywhere!) So on our way to the hospital we go...

 At the hospital the contractions had gotten much worse and felt like they were no space in between now. I was checked and was now at a 5. I pretty much got the epidural soon after getting there. (I originally was unsure of getting one, I wanted to see how far I could go without one, but that pain- I wish on noone!) Things progressed pretty quickly after that. I was at 10 cm by maybe 2/3 am. Im not quite sure of time.. I do know that I pushed for 3 hours, and baby girl just did not want to come out. We eventually tried the vacuum, and there was a discrepency between the Dr and a nurse so we stopped and had to deliver her by C-section.

So needless to say, Teagan Rae was born at 1:26pm via c-section weighing in at 9 pounds 4 ounces, and 22 inches long! Which Dr said she needed all the room w/ the incision to get her out. Oofta!


Thanks for reading :) Sorry kinda long!

Teagan Rae 8-21-12 born on due date/ 9 lbs 4 oz 22 in

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