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Should I fight to send her to Preschool?

DD1 went to preschool at a church last year from August-May, 2 mornings a week.  She did okay, had some problems with me leaving and then in the spring it was a battle to get her up and ready in the mornings because she didn't want to go. This year, that preschool was not in the budget.  I have found another preschool that we could afford.  It runs 3 days a week from 11:30ish to 2:30ish.  Problem is, DD tells me that she does not want to go.  The spring semester runs early February through May sometime.  DD would miss 4, maybe 7 days in March due to vacation.  She is totally bored at home as we only had one other SAH friend and they are currently moving 45 minutes away.  Storytime at the library is over until late January.  I completely envision a huge fight to get her ready to leave the house and then a huge meltdown when we get to the preschool and it's time to drop her off.  Last year, up to the very end, at least once a week she would follow me out into the hall after I dropped her in her classroom and I would have to drag her back inside.  She goes to kindergarten next fall and that is going to be 1) early in the morning and 2) all day.  I almost feel like she needs some kind of structure now to get her ready for that but I don't know if it's worth the uphill battle I am going to fight.   
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Re: Should I fight to send her to Preschool?

  • I would try it.  Remind her it is a new school and she will get to meet new friends.  We have a rule at drop off that he gets 4 kisses and 4 hugs and we are gone.  We also read "The Kissing Hand" and it helped a lot.  
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  • I wouldn't let her stop going to school for this. Next year that won't be an option, so I wouldn't allow it now either. That said, I would try to talk to her during a time you're not rushed or stressed and find out why she doesn't like going to school.

    Is she okay once she's there and you're gone or is she unhappy all day?

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  • I personally would make her go.  If anything, just to get into the routine of going to school.  She will only be going for 9 hours/week.  Is there an earlier option?

    11:30 start time is lunch and possibly nap.  This seems like an odd time for preschool as most kids are starting to get a little tired and whiny. 

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  • yes - I'd make her go to get into the school habit. 
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  • I think you should send her to preschool. Sounds like the structure will be good for her and help her prepare for Kindergarden. Which like a PP said is not an option.

    If she is difficult at drop offs you should try reward charts or some other form of positive reinforcement of what is expected at drop offs.

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  • I'm very "for" preschool for kids.  So even though it can be tough at drop off for some kids, I feel it's so important for them  There is a boy in DD's class who throws a COMPLETE fit every single time his mom drops him off.  It's actually painful to watch. He screams "Mommy!!" over and over, is crying hysterically, his face turns so red.  She just gives him a kiss and leaves.  And ya know what? He's absolutely fine during class.  I know for a fact because in the 2.5 months since school started, I've volunteered three times and have seen him calm down almost immediately after his mom leaves.  Of course, when she picks him up, he's hysterical again.  But that might be a whole different issue.  So if you think your DD will be hard to get up in the morning, start getting her up just a little bit earlier.  If she throws a fit when you drop off, you HAVE to just kiss her and say you'll be back soon, love you, and just go.  The longer you linger, the worse it will be FOR YOU.  Good luck!
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  • I would try it.  The right preschool will be there to help your child with the transitition of you leaving.  My younger DD was always hard at drop off and she has been in full time daycare and now PreK since she was an infant and just this year in PreK has it gotten easy.  Every day at daycare/preschool the teachers and I had a routine way in which we dropped her off - it changed as she got older but it was always the same and that helped all of us.  Even today at PreK which she loves, she had a sub - one that we know as she was a sub last year when my older DD was in the class and my younger DD has met her many times.  All it took was an extra hug and kiss from me, the sub picked her up and started talking to her and asking her to show her how to do something in the room and my DD didn't even notice I had left.  Also, talk about preschool and how much fun it is and what she will be doing to make it exciting for her.  Do not talk about what you will be doing while she is there as she might be afraid she is missing somehting - just let her know you will be back in x hours to get her and maybe talk about what you will do when you get her.,
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