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Preschool birthday party ? (XP from WM)

I usually post on WM, but I thought you ladies might have some input in the etiquette for the following situation:

DS1 (3 1/2) just started full time preschool this past September.  He got his first invitation to a birthday party today.  He talks of the boy, Jacob, often and calls him his best friend. The invitation was in his cubby, not specifically addressed to anyone.  I don't know if the whole class got an invitation, or just a select few kids, and I've never meet the parents.  I'd like for DS to go to this party as he seems to really like this boy, but I'm not sure how to respond.  Should I RSVP for just him and me, or can I take DS2 and DH as well?  I should mention that the invitation also said "birthday/ holiday party", and it's at the family's home. Let me know what you all think!  Thanks! 

Re: Preschool birthday party ? (XP from WM)

  • I would RSVP for just you and your son.  Unless my entire family knows their entire family, I don't assume everyone is invited, and even then, I'm likely to ask if it's not specifically stated.
  • In your case I would probably ask when you RSVP. Since it also says Holiday Party, the mom may intend for it to be a family thing.  

    Both my boys go to the same preschool. There have been a few parties that only one of them get an invite to a party. It is hard espcially when they are both "friends" with the boy/girl but we try to do something special with the one not invited. There have been two cases where I have asked if the other LO could attend due to our schedule.

    I personally would not have a problem if the whole family came to the party, especially one in my home.

    DS2's party is in a few weeks and I plan to put a note in there that sibilings are welcome.

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  • I would never just assume that the whole family can come but a parent is expected to stay with a child of that age.  I would RSVP for your son and 1 adult and leave it at that.  If the parent expected the whole to come, the invite would have said that.  I had a few parties at my house when the girls were little and always made it very clear that the whole family was welcome and asked how many adults/kids would be attending.
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