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going back to work

Hi Everyone,

I go back to work in the beginning of January.  My mom will be watching my DS.  My question is - did you just go back to work cold turkey?  Or do you need to practice leaving your LO for extended periods of time?


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Re: going back to work

  • With my first child, my mom watched DD when I went back to work.  I did a couple practice days with her before I returned to work.  I took DD over for a full day 2 or 3 times, and I used the time to get stuff done- buying new work clothes, cleaning the house, etc.  It worked out well.  I was able to jump right back into work FT and my mom and DD had no problems.
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  • With both girls I went back cold turkey. It was tough with DD1, but with DD2 I had no problems.
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  • I went back half days for the first week.  The next week I went full days and didn't have an issue - it was a nice transition.
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  • I went cold turkey, but my return date happened to coincide with July 4th, so I had two days, holiday, two days, then weekend when I returned. That did make the return a little easier. I also did have a couple of practice days of pumping and LO getting bottles during the day (DH took his paternity leave for a month after I returned to work, so the practice days were also for him to get used to being the care taker during the day).
  • I went back cold turkey. She did go one half day to DC but that was it.

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  • I did some practice days at daycare one week before starting. It was more for me than for him so I can get used to being away from him for extended amount of time.
  • Cold turkey

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  • If you can do it, I think it is good to practice.  Our daycare gave us a free 4 hr trial and I did it the week I was going back to work  - i went back mid-week at the suggestion of a few friends adn I highly recommend that.  I dropped DS off, cried my eyes out, went to Target and was back in less than 2 hrs and had to push myself to leave him there that long. I cried every morning leaving him for probably weeks,...I commuted w/my husband hte first week or 2 and he was like you have to stop this (getting on the train cryin), but it was so hard.  i know not very professional at work...but it was so hard and I really wanted to be home w/DS.  So...for your own mental sanity when you go back to work, if you are able to leave your baby it is good to try beforehand....
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