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Belly bandit? Diastasis recti!

Anyone use belly bandit or any other band after pregnancy? I have diastasis recti and was hoping for some ideas to heal. Thanks ladies!

Re: Belly bandit? Diastasis recti!

  • I bought one but it was one size too small and didn't end up wearing it much. It did seem to help a bit, though. It definitely gave me a lot of back support--my back muscles had lost their strength, so that was nice. I still need to get my diastasis recti situation figured out. I know there are specific exercises to do that can help (and ones to avoid, like crunches). GL!
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  • I have one and I'm wearing it right now! My diastasis is huge, but I've definitely noticed an improvement since I started wearing it almost 24/7 about a week ago.. The separation is the same but the protruding seems less and it really helps from making the separation worse... I really wish I had started wearing it sooner!
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