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Drained boob

Yep, I had to have the lump in my boob drained.  Oddly enough it didn't hurt.  Guess after pushing out a baby a needle in the boob was nothing, lol.  I pick up the antibiotics tomorrow (figures they didn't have it in stock) and HOPEFULLY I can mend??? 

Just want to say also that family is fantastic...they really help out when you need them :)

Re: Drained boob

  • What was the reason? Was it due to mastitis?
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  • Aww, glad you got it taken care of. You're a trooper, mama!
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  • I've been so tired and out of it that I didn't even ask if it was officially mastitis or not...or how to prevent it again since I pump and don't get the bacteria from the baby's mouth.  But I'm assuming it is because they gave me the antibiotics and the amount of puss the surgeon pulled out was unreal...and he didn't even seem to take it all out. 

    Figures that my pharmacy really screwed me though because this morning when I got up the boob was swollen again, just as red and the lump got a tad bigger after it was drained.  FINALLY got the first dose in me about an hour ago, so I'm really praying that by tomorrow I'll be feeling better.  I think the infection has really drained my body, not to mention it's been kinda gloomy out this week.

    Yinyang124, thanks.  I really appreciate your support on the posts I've put up.  I'm trying to troop through.  I'm convinced that once I've weened myself off the supply of milk and the boobs feel better that I'll be a happier mommy, lol.

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