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Can we talk hemorrhoids? I have had more now than I did when I was pregnant!! I didn't go through hours of pushing either because I had a C section. During pregnancy if I got one I could take a hot shower and it would "disappear" by the morning...I'm on day two of this one now and it is so uncomfortable!! I had the poops yesterday and today too so it's not like I was straining --that I could tell! Any tricks to make it "go away" quicker?!
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Re: hemorrhoids....

  • Preparation H, and if that doesn't work, get a scrip for hydrocortisone suppositories. They are amazing.

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  • My dr prescribed me a cortisone cream. It seems to be working. Also try aquafor.
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  • Cortisone cream and Tucks wipes did it for me. But not until after suffering in pain for a few days. Hemorrhoids are the worst! Sorry you're going through it.

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  • Prep H and wiping with baby wipes was helpful for me. I had them more PP...I had a c-sec, but pushed for 3 hrs before.
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  • I wrote this post about 4 weeks ago. I feel your pain!! Try sitz baths, I used Epsom salt when I was in super bad pain, I didn't think they were helping but I got better alot faster with them than without them. Also prep h, and tucks pads. Also do not stop taking the colace, it helps more than you know. Mine have gotten better but sometimes when I have a bowel movement that is more painful there's blood. Ugh. I made it t whole pregnancy without them, and I had a planned CS so I never pushed either so frustrating. I think mine had alot to do with stopping my colace when I thought I was Ok, and my lack of ab muscles to help aid in the process! Feel. Better!
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