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Christmas presents?

What are you guys getting for christmas presents? I know that she wont get a whole lot out of it but we want to her get some stuff since this is her first christmas. We were thinking of some toys but not really sure what to get. and then were going to get some clothes because she will be needing 6 month clothes soon after christmas anyways. I have a few ideas but not really sure.


Re: Christmas presents?

  • Since I have so much from my 1st kid..........i'm only getting the new baby 1 or 2 things.


    I want to get her this baby toy vanity interaction thing.  I think it was for 6 mo and up.  I saw it at Target but can't really remember exactly what it was

    And we're going shopping Sunday to see what else is out there!


  • We got DD a rocking horse and the Fisher Price Animal Sounds Zoo. We will get her a few things for her stocking (new bibs, sippy cups, animals for the zoo) and we also celebrate Hanukkah, so she's getting bath toys, a lovey-type toy, and some new books since our older DD has most of the board books in her room (and won't part with them :) )

    We got our older DD a music table, push toy, and a few fisher price toys... we went a little overboard on her 1st Christmas, but we have so much this time around that we're not getting as much for this LO. I feel kind of bad, but hopefully she won't look back on pictures and realize it :)

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  • His big present was supposed to be a jumperoo type thing, but that came way early. So-

    We got him a baby piano, a teddy bear, bath-time stuff, and a stocking (balls that have different things on/in them, a rubber ducky, and socks.) 

    I feel like we've gotten him alot, but it was stuff he naturally needed. 

  • We got DS a new convertable carseat as he is quickly outgrowing his infant carrier. I am makeing him a board book of our family...grandparents ect so he gets to know names and faces. Also making him 2 new sleep sacks. 

    We just bought him a new bathtub and clothes along with a new winter jacket, gloves and a hat and shoes this month too! He needed all these things before Christmas, so we aren't spending an arm and a leg on Christmas presents. I just wrapped the carseat box (we already installed the seat in our vehicle) for him to open christmas morning, plus the things I am making him. 

    My LO is the first grandbaby on both sides of the family and I know for a fact he is getting a bunch of toys (went shopping with my MIL) so I am not going to buy him any. His toy bins are already overflowing!!!  

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  • We got quite a bit but it's our first child so nothing from previous kids. And a lot of it was needs more than toys. I did get the "classic" toys (LO will be 5 months at christmas so I got the 6m toys): stacker cups, ring stacker, little piano. Then I got her sleep sacks, bibs, and pjs since we needed them anyway. Then I got her books since a child can never have too many of those. I also made her a "family" board book since our family lives far away that way I can read it to her and she can see their faces.

    She's going to be so spoiled this Christmas and she won't even remember it lol. In general though I say get needs mostly since hey they wont know they got "lame" gifts as I'm sure they'll come to think of them as they get older :) 

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  • I think we might get a high chair for the big gift.  I've gotten some small stocking stuffers like teethers, baby spoons, socks, a new carseat toy.  Her grandparents will spoil her with clothes and toys so I know we don't need to go overboard.  We plan to stick with mainly necessities.
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  • We celebrate both X-mas and Hanukkah, so I got LO a turtle with shape holes that you can also drag along with him.

    We also got him personalized tory books 1 about santa and the other about Hanukkah (we are raising E Jewish, but want him to be aware of the traditions on DH's side of the family).

    I know the grandparents will be spoiling him, so we didn't want to get oo much, we are rapidly running out of space in our house with all of his stuff as it is.

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  • Thanks everyone for all the great ideas!
  • We're getting DD some clothes, a couple toys and stuffed animals, and some bath toys for later on.
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