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Snuggle time

Paul has been fussy the past couple of days and will only calm down when I snuggle him. I have to admit I love it. Vegging on the couch snuggling watching tv and drinking homemade hot chocolate? Yes please!

Re: Snuggle time

  • Yep I know how you feel I am doing the same thing :-)

  • Us too! baby girl has a respiratory infection but luckily other than a cough she doesnt seem to feel bad. but im a nervous mommy so we are cuddling so i can keep a close eye. I love these snuggle times!
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  • LO caught my and DH's cold. Hes watching her today while I'm at work and I want so much to be able to be there for her. I want to cosleep with her tonight but know I shouldn't since I'm sick, too. :
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  • This has been my LO got the last few weeks. She loves snuggles, so I've been watching a lot of Netflix.

  • Me too! It's the only way i can get him to sleep. I love it. : it's a little rough when I want to eat hands free or go use the restroom but otherwise i love it!
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  • I'm so jealous both of my twins hate snuggling..the want to be either facing you at a distance so they can look in your eyes etc or turned away from you to see whats going on. If I put them on my shoulder they just bob and try to "eat" me no matter how much milk they'e just taken in :
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