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45 minute naps

My 10 week old will not nap longer then 45 minutes no matter when I do. Is this normal for this age?
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Re: 45 minute naps

  • I think waking at 45 minutes is part of their sleep cycle. DD wakes for a short time 45 minutes into her nap and most of the time goes back to sleep after a little fussing. Have you tried letting the baby be for a while to see what happens?
  • Yeah I have tried to let him fuss a bit but he just gets worked up and upset.
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  • We've had this problem in the past.. it comes and goes - I call it the "transition" as in - if she makes it through the "transistion" then it will be a long nap.  I have found she makes it through about once a day - and the other times - she makes it 40 - 60 mins.  My only saving grace is at night she is going 5-7 hours before she wakes up first - and then sometimes giving me another 2 - 3 hours after.  So I know she can make it through the transition.. so I've stopped worrying about it.. BUT when I was concerned and working on it I read post after post.. this is a common problem.  Fixes include using the swing to help them sleep longer for a few days to help 'train' them to sleep longer - letting them fuss for a few mins - making sure you are putting down drowsy - rocking as soon as they start to wake (give binky back if they take one) - basically - anything you do to get them asleep - retry it before they get all worked up.


    but in short - normal :) 

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  • How long is he awake between naps? 45 minute naps usually mean they are overtired.
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  • When my LO is like that I rock him right when he is waking up and that puts him right back to sleep giving him a little longer naps.
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