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Boss vent

I just had to have a venting moment. My boss gets on my case about the dumbest stuff you can imagine. Apparently, she is looking at lesson plans from weeks ago. I wrote that the students will write the definition for volume in their math notebook. She told me that it is unacceptable and that it should state they will write the definition for volume in their interactive math notebook. Really? She wants me to rewrite all my lesson plans for the last 5 weeks I've been back to add things like interactive math notebook and I do, we do, you do when I wrote Teacher will, students will with a partner, and students will independently. Who cares? Lesson plans are for me and I don't need that to teach effectively. And, I am no way spending hours rewriting lesson plans from weeks that are already gone by. I've taught that stuff, lady! Aaargh!
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Re: Boss vent

  • What a PITA.  I'd be using that language from now forward, but definitely not re-writing unless she gives you a specific reason why (like PP said, a grant application or something)
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  • Micromanaging jerk! No grants here!
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  • imageMrsEll:
    That is frustrating. Maybe she is applying for grants or awards of some sort and wants to include your lesson plans in her application materials? Or maybe she is just a micromanaging jerk.

    And maybe she wants to take credit for your work?

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