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2nd sac was empty

Hi ladies,

I've been lurking ever since I got my really high betas, expecting to find twins in there. I'm 6w2d and had my first ultrasound. There were two sacs, one with a perfect baby and HR, the other one appeared empty. On the screen the empty sac looked very tiny, but it measured 6w0d. My RE said that it is underneath/behind the other sac, so it could just be the angle that made it look empty. She also said that there is a good chance it is a vanishing twin. 

Anyone have similar experiences?  Thanks!


Re: 2nd sac was empty

  • My first ultrasound at 5.5 weeks showed 2 gestational sacs, only one had a yolk sac. 2 weeks later there were two heartbeats. I'm just under 11 weeks now. I'm still very anxious but my doctor said he had no reason to believe everything isn't progressing well. I will feel more at ease at my next ultrasound in 2 weeks. I'm hoping it was just too early for you
  • My first ultrasound at 7 weeks showed 2 sacs, 1 empty and 1 with a HB. We went a week later and both sacs showed HB's. Now Baby B (the original empty sac) is bigger than Baby A!
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  • At six weeks we saw three heartbeats and two empty sacs. At eight weeks we saw four heartbeats. 
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  • Thanks ladies, it is great to hear success stories! I'm thrilled to have even one baby, and I'm hopeful that I may have two. 
  • It's still so early! We had our "you're having twins appt" at 6w1d, and they were JUST getting started in there. I think it's probably still a 50/50 shot at this point?? I'll be praying! 
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  • At 6w3d, we had one baby and a "failed twin" went back a week later to verify the baby was grown and the twin had vanished and had two babies the same size.
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  • Thank you for the words of wisdom. I'm hoping to see 2 heartbeats at the next ultrasound and I think the chances are good. I'm preparing myself for either outcome, but I hope to come back and join you ladies next week! :-)
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