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Just need a vent...

I'm exhausted, my insomnia has been awful the last few days and LO was up every 1.5-2 hrs last night...he's super snacky today and won't just go down for a real nap.  His cloth diapers are too small and we don't h ave the bigger ones yet so I keep getting peed on.  I was hoping to go into my office to see some real adults and get out but my boss is flaking on me.  To top it off even though its Friday DH has to get work done this weekend and my mom is out of town...so might as well just be another weekday as far as the "me" time goes.  Some days are really awesome, but right now my pounding head, tired, pee covered self just needs a break.
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Re: Just need a vent...

  • On those days I have a good cry and it helps. Hope it gets better soon for you!
  • Sounds like a rough day. Hang in there, mama. Hugs!
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    Remembering my angel baby, Ezekiel, 09/03/2011...you will forever be in my heart.

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  • I can totally relate. If the weather is nice can you get out for a walk? Or snooze with baby for a bit? Hang in there.

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  • hang in there rough day

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  • Honestly I been there. Hugs! To combat this today I am being brave and have taken my tot and baby on my own to On the boarder just to get out of the house [ and eat chips and salsa] and see adults who use big words.

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  • I've been having those days too recently. I found that for one reason or another kissing my baby when I'm that exhausted gives me energy. It's just something that works for me.
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  • Sounds like you need a glass of wine!

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