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Is my daughter the only one....

when she is sick she does NOT sleep.  I know she is tired she naps at least 1x a day normally.  She has been like this since she was a baby.  Today she is driving me nuts.  She has a nasty cold, looks awful, will lay her head on my lap but when I put her in her crib she has a total meltdown.  GO TO SLEEP..... I promise it will make you feel better.  Okay, now I will open a bottle of wine and wait for dh to come home. 

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Re: Is my daughter the only one....

  • Poor baby and mama! I don't sleep well when I'm sick, either. Between hittery cold meds, swollen tonsils, and sinus drainage, I can't get comfy enough to rest.


  • My DS is doing the same thing right now and it's driving me crazy!
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  • Would she sleep if you laid down with her? I don't co-sleep, but if I am desperate, I lay down with her, rub her back, put on a classical Pandora station on low volume on my iPad and she's out like a light. 
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  • DD has learned to sleep when she's sick and that she'll feel better when she's sleeping ;o))) DS OTOH... HE** ON EARTH! He not only won't sleep, but he won't sleep unless he's being held/cuddled. If I so much as TRY to put him down, INSTANT meltdown... Ugh...
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