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3 months of DD getting up every night...

...leaving her room and coming and getting one of us, we put her back in her room, and that's that. But, usually I can't fall back asleep, and it's beginning to really SUCK! I have a one year old who sleeps through the night, why can't I get my almost-4 year old to stay in bed!!!

We've tried stickers. Flashlight. Nighlight. Alarm clock. Nothing works. She never has to go to the bathroom and she isn't having nightmares, so it's not that. I don't know why she's getting up, but she is, and she doesn't really know either. My guess is now it has become her routine, because she does it every stinking night. Oh, and this started 3 months ago. Between the age of 3 and 3.8, she slept in bed all night long, by herself.

Help!!! This mom wants to sleep from 10 at night to 6 in the morning without a child coming and waking her up between midnight and 3 a.m.!!!


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Re: 3 months of DD getting up every night...

  • have you tried a reward for staying in her room?

    No penalty to getting you/getting out, but reward staying in bed?  And, then be sad in the morning that she didn't get a star??

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  • Oh man... I feel you. dd did this as well and it was not fun. Thankfully a sticker chart which led to a trip to Build-a-Bear nipped it in the bud for us. 

    I would either find some reward, something she REALLY wants and either do a simple sticker chart, like maybe just 3 nights... or if it's really become routine, reward for 1 night.

    OR I would suggest YOU not getting out of bed. When dd comes into your room, just tell her to go back to bed and don't get up. It won't be nearly as fun for her. Certainly warn her in advance and make sure she understands that you will NOT be putting her back to bed. And then stick to it! GL!

    I'm the same way... once I'm woken it takes me hours to get back to sleep. 


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  • Feel blessed that she goes right back to bed. Mine is up (for at least the last 6 months) and refuses to go back to bed without one of us there with her, for like, forever, and then she'll be back up regardless. Otherwise she just wants to sleep in bed with us. "Olivia, why do you get up at night?" "I just want to sleep with mommy and daddy". Simple, to her.

     We want to TTC#3 soon, and I refuse to sleep with a four year old in my bed while I'm pregnant. Let alone nursing a newborn. Shoot me. 

    We have tried EVERYTHING. Everything. The only thing I can suggest (to myself), is consistency, and putting her back to bed every time, no matter what. I am trying, but it's so hard at 2 am, and she comes back out of her room 3 times crying. 

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  • We had the same exact problem for a while (well not getting out of bed but calling for me to come in there).  It is seriously so frustrating!  We did a sticker chart and it worked almost immediately within the first week.  We only had to use it for bed time for about a month, she ended up with a prize at the end and it we never had to use it again after that. 
  • I tried it all too. Stickers with a reward chart. Nightlight. Fun fairy tent over her bed. DD1 didn't start sttn until she was ready. Unfortunately for us, that wasn't until she turned 5. She'd never sttn in the past though either, so it was just normal for us. She got up, either climbed into bed with us (before DD2 was born) or climbed onto the couch in our room, and went back to sleep. I wish I had suggestions. My 2 yo is no where close to sttn either. With a baby on the way, I've just kind of given up on the idea of ever sleeping again.
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  • Hmmm, maybe I should complain about it more often. She slept in her bed all night last night until 6:30 a.m.!
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  • DD1 will be 5 in Feb. and has never really been a good sleeper. She goes through phases of waking up at night and coming to our bed, and we always bring her back to her room.

    What I've found works best for her is our "prize bin". I keep a bunch of small toys (like squinkees, scholastic books, or those plastic animals that you buy in a canister) and she gets to  pick 1. When she's in  a bad-sleep phase, I tell her she  can pick a prize in the morning if she sleeps all night. Usually in a night or 2, she's back to sleeping.

    Also, she has to have a nightlight in her room, her door wide open, and a nightlight in the hallway. If any of those 3 are not on/open, she will for sure get up that night!

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