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Help me figure this out

My babies are 4 months old and has sort of a routine going.But they got their shots on Tuesday and they had a cold and are a bit out of sorts.

Also they used to sleep more or less the same time and now that is off as well.Help me get them back on track before I lose my mind and start taking it out on the rest of my family.

The babies are girls if that makes a difference and not ID twins.

We try and follow EASY , but if anyone has a different book to rec. I am all ears.



Re: Help me figure this out

  • Shots and colds can knock your routine. I would give it another day or so before trying to change anything. 
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  • Shots, colds, 4 month wakeful...all of these can shake up a routine.
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  • Just keep trying to stick to your routine as much as possible.  Eventually you'll get back there.

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