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Tummy time again

When did you introduce tummy time to your LO.  Mine is 5 weeks old.  How do you do tummy time?

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Re: Tummy time again

  • We started a few days ago ( dd will be two weeks tomorrow). I do chest time and a few minutes a couple times a day on the bed or couch.

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  • I think a lot of people start it as soon as the umbilical cord falls off.
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  • I have been doing it since 3 weeks and a friend of mine made me feel terrible today for doing so.  My pedi said as long as I felt comfortable I could do anytime.  I usually burp her over my shoulder and she gets plenty that way but I also have been putting her on the play mat and laying on the floor at eye level with her.  I have also thought about getting on of the tummy time play mats as well.
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  • We do tummy time on the pillow. DS refuses to do it on the floor
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  • We started at 2 weeks.  We put him on the activity gym mat and let him stay on his tummy for as long as he can tolerate.  He actually likes it!
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  • I was told to start tummy immediately. In the hospital the nurses said that we should do a minimum of three times a day for about five minutes.
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    I was told to start tummy immediately. In the hospital thenbsp;nurses said that we should donbsp;a minimum of three times a day for about five minutes.

    This is also what I was told. LO is almost three weeks and he seems to enjoy his tummy time. He lifts his head and kicks his little legs. The pic in my sig is from yesterday!
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  • I started 2 days after I came home from the hospital.  The sooner you do it, the better.
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