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Should you call the doctor

if you think your baby has colic?  Just this week our 3 week old, soon to be 4 week old, starts crying like clockwork at 8:30pm and does this off and on until around 12:30am.  She will fall asleep and then just wake up screaming for no reason.  She is fine during the day but this time span is awful.  I feel like I'm not giving her something she needs.  I feel helpless.  My husband says she just needs to cry it out but I can't stand that.  I heard that if it was colic the doctor couldn't do anything anyway but should I still call them and ask for advice??? 

 I'm desperate.  I feel like I am losing control and I get so anxious when evening comes.  Please help!!!

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Re: Should you call the doctor

  • We have the same problem only the fussy time starts about 5:00 (right around the same time DH comes home from work and disrupts calm of the house.)  I am not sure if it is colic but I do know for us it is severe acid reflux.  It sucks that nothing you do helps.  Do you swaddle?  If not, try it.  It does make the evenings a bit more bearable for us.
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  • Although some people/docs don't believe in colic, others will call it colic if baby meets the "Rule of Threes": More than 3 hours of crying a day, 3 days a week, for more than 3 weeks. Obviously, run through the list of why LO may be crying... wet/dirty diaper, hungry, hot/cold, tired, pain... and if none of those things are the problem, try gas drops as maybe LO has tummy bubbles that are painful. But if you're going crazy, call the doc for your own sanity, at least... and maybe there is something that can be done that you're not thinking of that the doc can help with.
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  • Try giving the baby a warm bath and doing colic massages (you can YouTube them). Also let your doctor know. I had one night like this with LO recently and it turned out to be gas. Try gripe water or oval drops and pumping the legs - going for a car ride anything soothing for your LO. If nothing works and LO doesn't seem to be soothed at all I'd say its colic. 
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