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my c-section date

So I just realized that I never posted with my scheduled c-section date. December 22nd is the big yhowever, I am hoping my girls decide to come just a little earlier otherwise I will be getting out of the hospital on Christmas. Just over two weeks and I get to hold my baby girls!
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Re: my c-section date

  • That is SOOO exciting!!! Your pregnancy seems to have flown by for me! :)~ If you go into labor on your own will they do a c-section?

  • Yes, we will still have a c-section because baby is is vertex and baby b is transverse across the top of by belly. My doctor does not want to deliver a breech baby vaginally on first time mom's and that is fine with me. I am willing to do whatever it takes to get my girls out safely.
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  • How exciting to have a date! Dec. 22 is our due date as well, and I'm hoping the baby comes a little early too. One baby is exhausting enough; I can't imagine how tired you are carrying 12+ lbs of babies!! Good luck with your c-s & recovery!
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  • That is great!!!  I hope everything goes well and that they decide to come a little early so you can spend Christmas at home with them! 
  • How exciting!  I agree, your pregnancy has flown by!  You prob don't think so though!!!  I think you've done a great job carrying the twins this far!  I can't wait to see pics!!!  I'm so excited for you guys!  Smile

  • Oh wow and YEAH for you!  I bet you're getting so tired.  Can't wait to see pics of those cute little babies!  I can't imagine getting to have two at the same time.  So special!
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