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5 month old wont sleep

DS for two day has refused to nap. Yesterday I got one 45minute nap only after he cried and fussed. Several nights now he has been back to waking constantly and now won't go back down without screaming and crying on and off for at least two hours. He's only been sleeping a total of 6 or 7 hours. I'm getting closer to 3 or 4. I'm so tired. He isn't showing teething signs right now, though I know he had been last week. Guns aren't swollen or anything. Doesn't seem to have an ear infection, though Idk. He's already been up 2 hours an wont go back to sleep. Usually he goes back down already for about 30 minutes. If he doesn't sleep today and tonight would you take him to get checked out? Or does it just sound like a sleep strike? He seems to be eating just fine.

Re: 5 month old wont sleep

  • this is us too! except my LO is waking to eat 4-5 times at night this last week. SO TIRED. Sorry, couldn't help, just empathize.

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  • If you haven't introduced baby cerial I would consider do so, mypei said that's a sign the baby isn't getting enough caloric intake. Should happen between 5 and 6 months. Just a recommendation if you pedi's office has a on-call try asking them.
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  • He already nurses every 3 hours during the day, plus eats 4 ounces of veggi for dinner mixed with oatmeal. I would assume that's quite a bit. He's been eating this amount just fine and giving me at least a 5 hour stretch the past couple weeks [after a two month longv up every hour.] he still eats twice at night too. So he nurses seven times a day, sometimes 8. I would think that was more than enough unless my milk is going out on me.
  • have you checked his temp?  Or maybe he's constipated or has gas.  My LO usualy sleeps 11 hours straight but last night he randomly was fussing around 3am, and I noticed him straining to poop this morning but there was nothing in his diaper so I think his tummy was bothering him last night.
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  • I don't really have any advice for you, but I feel for you.  My 4 and half month old is doing the same thing.  She's up so many times at night and not napping during the day unless she's being held. 

    She's pretty smiley, so I don't think anything is wrong.  There are no signs of anything being wrong.  So it seems like it is just a phase.  I'm not sure if she's teething, but she is drooling a lot.  I have no idea how to get her to sleep for longer stretches again.

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  • My LO went through this same thing at 5 mos. She wasn't interested in eating ( I mean if you offered a boob sh'ed take it, but no real eating after the first few sucks), she did't want to calm down, she wanted to play. No matter how many cycles of book/lullabye/rock she wouldn't go down like she had since week 6.. So I figured that A) she figured out that crying instead of sleeping = Daddy/Mommy time. B) She was getting scared falling asleep in our arms and waking in bed and C)she didn't know HOW to go to sleep on her own.  

    So we sleep trained and moved her to her own room and it's been fine. Even with a growth spurt and a cold, she is back to sleeping at least 8 sometimes 12 hours at a shot.

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  • Well shame on mommy, I had checked his gums two days ago when all this started with ABSOLUTELY NO signs of teething... today I checked and he is cutting a tooth, I can feel the tip of it! Poor little guy! I had no idea and feel bad that he's been cutting a tooth without anything to take the edge off! Other than not sleeping he wasn't acting like he was in any discomfort! I will say though that sleep training has gone well for naps today. He fussed for 15 minutes each time and fell asleep regardless of that pesky tooth all by himself. Very proud of him! Definitely breaking out the teething tablets now!
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