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As I shoved past my wedding dress in the downstairs closet to put the Christmas tree box away today, I decided I really HAVE to do something with it! It takes up too much space in the closet. I can't decide whether to try to get it cleaned and boxed ($200 or so) or try to sell it. It is 8 years old but strapless/fit-and-flair, so still in style. Any other ideas of what to do with it to get it out of the closet?



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  • I used the train to make LO's baptism gown.  I have also heard of people using it to make a skirt for a bassinet.
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  • If you get it boxed, go for the smaller box...  I had mine put into the larger of the two because it had a window, and I'm now wishing I'd have had it put into the smaller box because it'd take up SO much less space!!
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  • Ugh I think the same think every time I open DS's closet and see the giant garment bag in the way. When we got home from our wedding I threw it in there and swore up and down I'd get it cleaned and boxed. That was 2.5 years ago...

    I'm curious to see the ideas!
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  • I had mine cleaned and preserved, but opted for the small box, which isnt too bad as far as storage goes.  The box with the window to see the dress is easy double the size.

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  • Mine is 4 years old now and still hanging in the bag in my closet.  I would love to take Cordelias picture sitting in the middle of the dress sometime, other than that....I don't know what to do with it.  I would love to donate it to someplace that sells them and gives the money to charity.  I just don't know of a place like that around here.

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  • Mine was almost 5 years hanging in the closet before I had it preserved. The box has a window, but it's not huge, maybe because the dress wasn't giant? Anyway, I was glad to finally have it done and off my mind.

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  • 8 years and still never cleaned or preserved.

    I really should do this one of these days.  My Mom used hers to make Taylor's baptism gown.  My sister didn't fit into my Mom's because her ribs are too wide and I didn't because I am 6" taller than my Mom.

  • I donated mine to a local event to pass along the gift of wearing a pretty wedding dress that someone might not be able to afford otherwise. I know some people have sentimental attachment to their dress but honestly, I got tired of packing and moving the darn bag. I never had it cleaned and preserved either. I think I'm just weird like that though.

    I actually saw that someone had purchased it for 75% less than what I paid for it and they were holding it up front. It made my day to know that someone else would get to be blessed by a dress that would otherwise would still be sitting in one of my closets. 

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  • I cut mine up and made DD's baptism dress with it.  Turned out so cute (took me like a month though). I've saved the rest of the pieces to make a little suit if our next child is a boy.

    i couldn't justify the money for getting it preserved...what's the point of having it sit in a box somewhere?

     Oh, and I tossed it in the washing maching (after I cut all the stuff out from under it that made it poofy so it would fit) and it came out clean and with all the beading intact!

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  • Mine's trashed unfortunately but I have it saved in the basement and try it on occasionally to see if it that I have a daughter I would like to use it for her wedding somehow.  It's covered in English netting so there are tons of possibilities. 
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  • A friend had an idea that I liked, and still may do-- she took her old dress, and had a cover for her son's baby book made with it-- I have heard of making the baptismal gowns before, but never the baby book.



  • I have my wedding dress, prom dress and grade 8 grad dress in garment bags on the top shelf of my closet.  I pull down my prom dress and wedding dress about once a year to see if they fit.  They don't.  I dont hoard many things but these I just can't get rid of.  
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  • I got mine cleaned after a little more than a year and it looks brand new!  It is so beautiful--I plan to hold onto it for awhile.  Didn't bother getting it boxed.
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