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Nanny experience?

We are in the process of interviewing nannies.  Can anyone who has had a nanny offer any advice?  Is there paperwork that you had them fill out before they started?  Verbal understandings?  Hopefully we will have someone we can really trust and not have any issues to worry about, but I realize things come up.  Any advice is greatly appreciated!  Thanks!


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Re: Nanny experience?

  • We have an agreement we filled out given to us by our nanny referral agency that covers paid holidays, job duties, etc. It's more of an "agreement" than a "contract" because we both are under the understanding that we would like at least a year's commitment from each other but there won't be any legal repercussions if that doesn't happen. Then we both signed it. I would advise putting as much as you can into writing.  I'd be happy to share the template with you that we used. Not sure if you can attach things to messages?
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  • Our nanny quit on us a week in because she felt overwhelmed (long story), but we did go through the process of hiring.

    I received a sample contract from a friend who was a nanny. I used it to edit what we had agreed upon. I agree - put more than you think into writing even common sense stuff.

    I would look into taxes and decide beforehand. Also decide whether you will use a service or do it on your own. Also a cost factor to consider, but the daycare tax credit will help.  Keep in mind you can only use this tax credit and and FSA you might have if you do the taxes on the up and up.

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  • I just googled nanny contract and found some good examples and then modified from there.  For taxes I use Intuit online payroll.  It's easy to use and pretty cheap.  it will send you reminders about paying your state quarterly taxes and how much you owe, etc.
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  • We had a great experience with our nanny and I really wish we hadn't gotten into daycare b/c I was much happier with the nanny situation.  We didn't sign an agreement but I sent her an email with the hours we expected, the rate of pay, the holidays she would have off and what our vacation policy would be so it was all there in writing, neither of us signed it but it seemed to work well.  Good luck!

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