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Taking LO out in public?

I am a FTM and I think I am being anal about how long to wait befor taking my 3 week old son out. We have gone to lunch a couple of times but I kept him in the inside of the booth covered in his infant seat. I am getting stir crazy at home and would like to get out more often. My mom acts like I am being ungrateful for my time off with my lil guy and that having cabin fever is ridiculous. I just don't know what to think!
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Re: Taking LO out in public?

  • If you want to go out, take him out. Wearing him is great for going out but not having strangers all up in your business.


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  • Cabin fever is awful! DD1 has had a horrible cold for a week and I hadn't been out in three days. I think you are fine to go. Keep him in his carseat/stroller and have fun. Shop, go for lunch, coffee, etc. I wouldn't hand him out to people but you are fine to go out. And loving being with LO and wanting to leave the house can both occur at the same time ;-)
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  • Take your LO out! I hate being cooped up in the house and it was making me crazy at first. The minute I get in the car and get driving I feel so much better. Yesterday we went and saw a starz and strollers movie at the theatre...maybe there's a mommy group in the area or you can just go for a walk?
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  • Go out! Fresh air and sunshine are good for both of you!
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  • I totally understand. We've went out a few times now. I just keep her in her carrier so people don't have the opportunity to get so close. I'm trying to be a little more cautious this time than I was with DS since it's chilly outside and flu season.

  • We have been out every single day since LO came home from the hospital. It's good for me and good for him (he sleeps the entire time we're out, usually). Go for a walk, go get a coffee--jyou'll feel much better and more like yourself!


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  • I started taking ds for walks around town at about 1 week old. He went everywhere with me. I'd just pop him in the ring sling and go. People aren't nearly as likely to try to touch your lo if you're wearing them.
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  • I agree with everyone! About week 3, I was going crazy being in the house all day long! My husband finally persuaded me to take her on a walk in the sunshine! It helped me so much just to get out for a little while.
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