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My daughter is 5 months old and was recently put on prevacid for acid reflux.  Her doctor also advised us to start baby food.  She has been constipated seems like since she started the prevacid, I don't think it is any of the baby food because I can't really pinpoint an exact one.  My question is does prevacid cause constipation in babies?

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  • Both of my boys are on prevacid.  DS1 since 6w DS2 since 3 weeks

    it's never caused constipation.  

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  • DS is on prevacid and never had a problem. 

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  • How do you know she is constipated?  Is she going fewer times than before or is her poop hard? My pedi said it was normal for bf babies to go days sometimes without a poop.

    My DD is on prevacid as well.  We see a GI specialist due to a milk/soy protein intolerance and she pointed out that the reflux was a symptom of the MSPI.  This was also leading to colitis which caused Kaitlyn to have difficulty pooping.  We ended up doing a rectal stim to get her to poop each night.  

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  • If you started her on rice cereal, that's probably what is constipating her. DS got ridiculously constipated when we put it in his bottle for his reflux. Switch her to oatmeal, if she is.

    DS is on Prevacid and it hasn't caused constipation. That rice cereal was brutal though... 

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