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Christmas card photo

Tried to get a good holiday card pic of the two kids today. 50% of the children cooperated.

One of the outtakes is in my siggy. Sadly, it's not much different from the "good" pictures. I'm loving the WTF look in DS's face. Wink


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Re: Christmas card photo

  • OMG, you HAVE to use the photo in your siggy.  Your DS's face is PRICELESS!!!  Love it!  Sometimes the ones that you think are "outtakes" turn out to be the most classic ones.
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  • Lol, cute! The stocking is a fun idea :-)

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  • What a great picture!  Dd was less than cooperative last year, so I had to roll with it.  The card I chose had room for 4 photos and I think I was able to accurately portray all of her personalities with the photos.  At least she had a decent smile it one of them!
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  • Bahaha I love DS's face! 

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